Motorized Grain Mill

I was hoping to start the new blog off with our NEIPA Hefeweizen experiment but it’s still bottle conditioning. I’m a little too anxious to get something out already so here it is: the first post.

Something we’ve wanted to do for a while was a mobile motorized grain mill. We got sick and tired of balancing the mill over a bucket while holding down the drill and simultaneously pouring in the grains. After several spills and cleanups, we realized this was a task for 2 people. Since building our HERMS, milling the grain has become one of the most time consuming and tedious jobs left to make more ergonomic. We already had the Cereal killer grain mill. All that we needed was some wood, a drill, casters, and a way to control it all.


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After building the mill came the challenge to control the speed. We do not have a tachometer to measure RPM nor can we gauge how much resistance the grain will impart on the drill so we chose to go with a pulse width modulator to manually control the drill speed. Disclaimer: I am not an electrician. Working with electricity is very dangerous. Consult a licensed electrician before proceeding.


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7 thoughts on “Motorized Grain Mill

  1. Very Cool.

    My mill isn’t motorized, and now that I have a kid, I’ll be ordering crushed grain until I have the capacity to do so. The extra 30 minutes of milling my hand makes brew days a bit more challenging scheduling-wise.

    • I just used a drill that I already owned. Either remove the handle and use the existing shank, or in my case, I was left with a female threaded hole, so I purchased a bolt that fit, cut off the head, screwed it in and then chucked my drill over the bolt. Motorized mill, it works great.

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