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Creator of BBRC and lover of good beer.  He first started brewing with his wife to be, Sarah, in September of 2015 in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. With a background in aerospace and mechanical engineering, he was quick to pick up the all too technical hobby. He developed a 120V control panel for electric brewing, started kegging, and created a do-it-all spreadsheet within the first year. He spent time learning as much math and science behind brewing to be able to do any of the calculations on the spot. Depending on software like BeerSmith came after a full comprehension of the brewing science.  Almost 60 brew days later, and it’s apparent the hobby turned into a lifestyle. He enjoys tinkering with the brewery and looking at new toys almost as much as brewing itself. After a year of “enjoying” brewing in a small apartment, he and Sarah moved to a large house where the brewery and frequency of brew days increased with vigor. The house allowed him to construct a full 220V HERMS system, purchase bulk grain and hops, upgrade the fermentation chambers, build a 6 tap keezer, and collect a yeast bank. His favorite beers are NEIPAs, Belgian Dubbels, and Milds. When he’s not working, he’s looking at new ways to brew, digging through articles, and helping the homebrew community on Reddit as u/soapstud. And yes, he is talking in third person.




If it wasn’t for Sarah, this couple would never have started brewing in the first place. Her love for beer and brewing equals and sometimes even surpasses Greg’s. With a degree in microbiology and an job with R&D at a major distiller, she acts as the brains of the operation. Not a brew day goes by without her tinkering with the numbers and evaluating ever step of the process. Once the brewing operation moved to a larger venue, the ideas began to flow. We went from brewing classic styles to things unheard of in the homebrew community. In an ideal world, she would have an entire lab set up in the basement dedicated to culturing yeast, genetically modifying and mutating strains, and practically playing god. Her favorite brews include some of the funkiest and sour brews on the planet. If there was a beer left to open ferment in a garbage dump, she would gladly drink it. When she’s not sifting through scholarly articles on brewing, she’s thinking of the next best funky sour recipe.



MR. Peanutbutter

No brewery is complete without the brew dog. When he’s not pissing in the corner of the basement brewery, he’s licking the pumps and wort spillage off the floor. Don’t worry, we keep a careful eye on him so he does’t ingest any hops. He was rescued from a Kentucky kill shelter where he was caged with his brothers. His mother is a boxer/lab mix and the father, well, you can take a guess. He is an invaluable member of BBRC, providing all the hugs and kisses necessary to get through a long brew day. Mr. Peanutbutter’s favorite brews include everything, especially if it hasn’t been fermented yet.



House cat and murderer of small things. He’s still a tiny kitten but boy is he a handful. Let’s get things straight, the brewery is his domain. Things he enjoys most: egging on Mr. Peanutbutter, cuddles, and belly rubs. We think Jelly is more dog than MPB and they make a terrific pair. Watching them swat at each other and then cuddle for hours breaks our hearts into a tiny million pieces. Jelly’s favorite brew is milk.

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